I'm a user researcher & designer.

I'm currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

My current project

How do you take a user-centred design approach and create a profitable product?

My work

Here are a few examples of the type of work I do.

Project-based work

How do we redesign our existing mobile apps?

An opportunity to step away from the delivery cycle and reconsider how the organisation's mobile products could be redesigned. The project involved:

  • user research
  • heaps of secondary research
  • competitor analysis
  • design studios
  • a final presentation to the CEO & VP of Product.
How do we increase engagement?

I was initially engaged by an NFP start-up to make ui and user flow recommendations and a redesign to increase sign-ups and return logins.

After conducting a round of user interviews alongside the product manager, we identified that a more effective approach was to increase marketing and community efforts around donations.

How do we support local communities to connect?

The broadest project I've worked on so far. The brief: what product should be create to help local communities connect with each other?

There were heaps of ideas about what that product could be. I helped the team take a step back, and work to define the 'problem', not the 'solution'.

A a team, we conducted in-context (people's homes, cafes, workplaces) user interviews with people who are connected to their local communities.

Team-based work

Aconex Field

Working as a ux designer embedded within an agile (and remote) development team, no two days were the same.

My tasks varied from:

  • updating personas
  • researching and creating models and maps
  • providing usability assessments
  • working remotely with developers to implement UI designs
  • creating user flows
  • working with the product manager to implement metrics in support of hypothesis-driven design work.
  • user interviews
  • site visits
  • facilitating remote workshops with the team
  • visual design
  • and all of the other things that crop up during a day as a ux-er working in an agile team.
Aconex Support Central

Date: 2014

Two major redesigns and a rebuild from the ground up.

Want the full story about any of these projects?

I’d be happy to take you through a more detailed version of these projects in person.

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My approach

The way I approach design has changed over the last couple of year.

The scale below, created by Chris Thelwell, is a really nice way of visualising how I believe UX has evolved.

The Agile Design Team Maturity Scale

The Agile Design Team Maturity Scale was created by Chris Thelwell, Head of UX & Design @ Envato

My role has become less about sitting in front of a computer designing screens and a lot more about facilitating sessions, workshops and research sessions in the last few years.

The approaches set out by Tomer Sharon, Jim Kalbach and others, who prioritise team alignment, research as a team sport, and design facilitation, are the approaches I employ within my own work.

Some other things

UX reading list

When I started out in UX there weren't many (or any) courses available in Melbourne. I learnt a lot through reading and working with senior designers.


I keep notes about blogs, articles, books and podcasts here.

My Availability

At the moment I'm available for short-term projects.

I usually work remotely, except for meetings, user interviews and workshops.

About me

I've worked in ux and product for a long time. I've worked as a designer, a researcher, a producer and a manager.

Have a look at my work history on Linkedin .

When I’m not working, you can probably find me reading, at the dog park or playing ‘mums and dads’ for the 7 billionth time with my 9 year old.

Some things I believe about work
  • Spend more time listening than talking.
  • Humility is an admirable trait.
  • Prototype it, test it, get it wrong, throw it away, learn something, repeat.
  • A sketch on a whiteboard is often more useful than a high-fidelity wireframe.
  • Spend more time defining the problem than designing the solution.
  • Helping to take a product or service from an idea through to reality is a pretty good way to earn a living.

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