My current project

Starting out on the startup journey ...

I started this project in September, 2016

What I'm working on
  • Something that does 'good'*
  • Something where software can help**
  • Something that people value enough to pay for

I can't write too much about the problem and sector I'm researching at the moment.

But I will soon ...

Why I'm doing this

I've worked on these types of problems for organisations over the last four or five years. I like working on big, hairy, early-stage problems to define what the product or service will be.

Now I'd like to work on a project that aligns closely to my personal values.

And I'd like to learn more about marketing, business strategy, funding, legal stuff ...

How am I doing this?

I'm leaning heavily on a design approach. I believe using a design approach on early stage projects will lead to a better, more valuable product. Perhaps I'm wrong. Let's find out.

How am I doing this?
Getting to know the environment/sector
  • Ecosystem map
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
Getting to know the key players
  • Shadowing
  • Interviewing
  • Other ethnographic techniques
Starting to solve the problem
  • Prototyping ...
  • Initial hypothesis and lean canvas
  • But no solutions yet ... :)
There's quite a bit of jargon on this page

Yeah. This website is squarely aimed at other digital industry folk. Once the project is up and in the market, there will be a separate identity, website and who knows what for that product. There'll be no designer-y jargon allowed anywhere near that site.

*good is a good, but tricky word. By 'good' I mean, something that has a generally positive impact for people.

**here's my bias - software, or digital products, are not going to solve your complex social problem. But they can take away some of the process, administration work to give people more time to work on the complex, social problems.

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