At some point in the ux journey the org ‘gets’ ux and then we all argue about style guides and we get a bit less ‘prove your value’ and a bit more ‘consolidate your styles and drive this ship’.

That’s when specialists happen, I guess. We’re all 40 now, at least mentally, and we start to specialise and we get a bit more like “another jquery plugin, another development framework, another design tool to learn, kill me” and maybe a little more “I will not execute against your flimsy rationale” so at that point we specialise and we make the rationales by using the research, and then ultimately we’ve specialised ourselves into extinction and we come back as consultants. But not yet.

This is a long-winded way of saying I am transitioning into a more research-focused role and I’m excited about it, and also about never, ever participating in a meeting ever again when everyone’s feelings about one particular icon is discussed for over an hour. (This is not design. This is your younger self coming and sitting next to you and saying something like “oh really. this is what you ended up doing?”¬†)