The queer art of failing better

Glorious writing.

“The only thing worse than being marooned in your own comfort zone is being forced to live in someone else’s. Almost every queer person knows what that’s like. Almost every woman knows, too.

The truth is that it’s frightening outside the comfort zone of most straight, cis, able-bodied men who were told they deserved the world. It’s frightening, because that’s where queer rage lives, where women’s disappointment lives, where failure on the terms that you’ve been handed is almost inevitable. But it’s also where joy happens. Where communities are built. Where men are allowed to cry and take care of one another, and you are allowed to throw out all of the things that hurt you: the old furniture, the broken bed, the worn-out expectations of a world that never wanted you anyway.”

The Queer Art of Failing Better


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