“What morning and evening routines will support me in being prepared for the meetings I have scheduled each day”

“I read this and I started crying and (my wife) was like, what the fuck are you crying about?”




Fortnightly retro with myself

Last week I was standing at the edge of the metaphoric career cliff.

This week was really productive and positive.

The difference was:

  • first thing Monday I picked up the phone and rang someone about work.
  • and then I had a heap of conversations with different clever people all week.

Last week I worked away by myself and went mental.

I think there is a learning in here somewhere.

Pick up the phone.

The Fog

This is pretty wonderful. And a phase of the project that I haven’t heard described as well as in this podcast before.

‘The fog’ is the bit of the project where you’ve inundated yourself with all kinds of information and now your head is about to explode and you kind of want to run away.