Yesterday I came across the news that a former lecturer of mine had died about a year ago.

I wish I had taken the time to tell him that he introduced me to another world, where we can look at the same thing through different frames and lenses, and make that same thing into something else.

I wish I had thanked him for helping me start to think differently.

Vale Adrian Miles.

We automate one discrete task, at a massive scale …

“Five years ago, if you gave a computer a pile of photos, it couldn’t do much more than sort them by size. A ten year old could sort them into men and women, a fifteen year old into cool and uncool and an intern could say ‘this one’s really interesting’. Today, with ML, the computer will match the ten year old and perhaps the fifteen year old. It might never get to the intern. But what would you do if you had a million fifteen year olds to look at your data? What calls would you listen to, what images would you look at, and what file transfers or credit card payments would you inspect?”