Writing up your notes after a user interview …

  • A brief description of the user being interviewed—the person’s background and anything interesting you’ve gained from the meet and greet
  • Core questions you’d like answered—some may be part of your discussion guide but these can also be new questions that carry over from previous interviews
  • Core frustrations or issues the user may face when interacting with the design or as part of using a product or service
  • “Wow” moments or positives—it’s easy to just note frustrations without prompting for the positive experiences
  • Quotes—these can be very revealing so it’s important to capture the emotion and stories to which these quotes may refer
  • Summary of 5–10 takeaways—after the session, what were the takeaways and keywords that capture the essence of the interview? What potential themes are forming from interview to interview that aid in writing an observations and insights summary