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You can change that by engaging with the types of platforms that were made for you in the first place: the Arduino, littleBits, SAM Labs and others. You’ll graduate to using the Raspberry Pi Zero, Electric Imp and Particle within a few months of intense study. It’s hard work, but that’s the one way to make sure you’re not constantly dealing with companies who don’t know when to hire you.

Silicon Valley helped create Trump and that’s bad for it

“Technology companies believe in the idea of “disruption,” their great promise to the world. Internet-driven efficiency replaces the “friction” holding us back — bureaucrats, unions, brick and mortar stores, cumbersome factories along with libraries, the post office, taxis and hotels. They see America as a reclamation project led by a passel of supersmart Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.”

The biggest problems facing UX design

Some interesting thoughts in this article.

Design thinking is one of those concepts I’ve come in contact with over the last few years, where, honestly, I could not give you a well-thought through definition of what it is. And I’ve spent a bit of time researching it. I may have even read a PhD or two on the subject. The more I read, the more I talk to practitioners and academics and business people, the less I grasp it.

It’s a bit of a mess when people are doing “design thinking” to solve business problems after a three day course, as though it’s a guaranteed recipe for success. Whichever design consultancy sold that should take a good hard look at themselves. And also be careful, because they may just have set themselves up for a big, expensive explosion.

Some of the quotes from the article that resonated:

“So design has become really huge overnight, and everyone is thinking now; “Okay, we need design thinking. It’s going to solve all of our problems.” The truth is: it’s not.

“We have companies like IBM hiring two thousand designers globally and becoming, overnight, the biggest design agency in the world. What happens when they realize design isn’t going to solve all of their problems? …”

“It’s (design thinking) taught by people in really short time scales, and people leave these short courses thinking they can now do design thinking. It takes years to become a designer.”

True, but design thinking and design (producing the thing) are, I think, different. Not sure I entirely agree with the last sentence, but I definitely agree with the first sentence. And I have actually seen it with my own eyes – non-designer folks – on a 3 day course – here’s your handout – go design think your way into profitable products. Good lord, who thought that would actually work?)

Interesting that the article also touches on local maxima.