Lean UX, Agile UX and UX UX (I made the last one up)


By Anders Ramsay
By Anders Ramsay


Agile UX

“Ultimately, Agile is about high-quality high-velocity delivery of working software.”

A development/delivery methodology. Developer-centric, although UX has learnt to adapt.

Lean UX

“Cool, so now we’ve got this great Agile machine allowing us to be crazy-efficient in shipping software.  But, um, did anyone check to see if we are shipping the rightsoftware? … We are, in this model, not doing research before or after the product is made but throughout the product design and delivery process.”


Lots being written about personas, pitfalls of personas, the zombie persona. Personas are easy to get wrong, and it’s sometimes hard to tell at first glance if they are not useful, and I have created many non-useful personas in my years. There’s a summary of learnings for you.

In short, don’t use demographics unless they are demographics that do affect behaviour. (For example, if it’s a product for women going through menopause then gender and age range is relevant. ) But also include behavioural and attitudinal information.

I think that’s what I’m thinking in terms of personas at the moment.

  1. This article isn’t funny. How is this article funny? This article is definitely. not. funny.
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  3. If it is being read as a serious article, what does this say about the level of writing and analysis we’ve come to expect designers to write?
  4. I think there are some quite important points in this article that you could take quite seriously.
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