Boom …

Just realised a commonality with all the ideas I’ve been working on, on and off, for the last 12 months.

All (NDIS, education, makerspaces, social enterprise, etc etc) are trying to grapple with moving from output to outcome.

And I think that’s the problem I am going to work on. Yay. I knew I’d get there eventually if I read enough and sketched enough and talked to as many different types of people as possible.

Rightio. Let’s get to work.

Strategy and design

Here is the clinker- strategic design *may* result in a strategy by design, but it doesn’t always (or have to). A strategic design approach utilises the best of a design process with the best of strategic frameworks to create a (super?) problem solving approach for particularly complex problems. In slight contrast, strategy by design uses design as a conscious catalyst for change, considering the artefact on a broader scale than immediately intended. Strategy by design involves asking the question, what is the biggest impact I can/will have with my design? whereas strategic design may ask, how can I plan and achieve the most effective strategic outcome from using a design approach?

Waded into the world of investors and term sheets and obligations to investors and control and ownership and governance and co-founders and blah blah blah, and waded right back out again a few months later trying to get that stuff off my shoes after seeing some stuff and reading some stuff and thinking no, or no, not until there’s a product that’s making sales that you’re confident in.