Spatial reasoning

“In terms of learning strategies, we can infer that, where maths problems are complex students are likely to cope better if they can sketch and annotate freely. On the other hand, where spatial reasoning is involved, the ability to manipulate and experiment with shapes – made possible in the digital environment – aids problem solving.”

Thematic pivot!

Not really. Well, sort of. Whatever.

I’ve started reading a little about education and tech.

Here’s some things I read today that I may wish to come back to at another point:

ABC Splash Maths Resources

Lego Education (is there nothing that Lego can’t do? No. But very pricey. Same as that LittleBit kit I bought my 9 year old. Super pricey. Good. Solid. But pricey.)

Mac Educational Apps I’m particularly keen on trying out the Osmo stuff. There’s something about the interplay between digital and physical interaction that seems to offer some nice learning opportunities. And with 3D printing available now, which means you can prototype and test these ideas in a fairly straight forward way, are you thinking what I’m thinking …

Learn about vectors with python – again with the interaction, although this is only digital. But still, doing something = feedback. It’s nice. I think.

Feminising education is bad ok Not entirely sure including stories is inherently feminine/feminising. Infact some of the longest stories I’ve ever heard were told by men! Girly men though. Not manly men. They were definitely not lumberjacks. Perhaps she has a point.