Goal setting for startup success

This is the second post about Sally-Ann from Google in about a week. The stuff she’s saying is resonating with me.

Some notes from the video

Consider the unique aspects of ‘you’ and what you bring to the organisation that no-one else can?

Make sure you bring your voice to the org. (This is an interesting one for me personally.)

How can I insert myself into the DNA?

State your:

  • Vision &
  • Mission.

Write it down. Stick it on a wall. Externalise it. Don’t keep it in your head.

When you do that your first employees will understand how they fit in.

(My note: I don’t think I’m 100% on the difference between vision and mission at the moment. Need to do some more reading.)

Sally-Ann also mentions OKRs.

Founders keep stuff in their heads.

Remember that people are your biggest asset.

Becoming as big as Google.

The first think is to have the ambition and the drive.

The second thing is to work out the strategy to achieve it.

Then do the hard work to execute the strategy.

“The only thing that will hold back these women is themselves”.


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